NoPests® Winter Wasp Promo Packs

NoPests® Winter Wasp Promo Packs

Key Industries are one of New Zealand’s leading B2B suppliers of pest control products, they have been a client of Whatever for many years. Recently Key Industries have launched into the retail market with their B2C brand NoPests®, producing a range of household pest control products for Crawling, Flying, Bird Brained, Furry and Slimey pests.


Being an existing client, Key Industries approached Whatever when they began launching products under their new B2C brand NoPests®. Key Industries explained they had a seasonal product, a wasp trap, that they were wanting to push out to the market for the winter.

As NoPests® was a new brand Whatever decided to take a personalised approach when exposing the audience to this product in order to maximise brand recognition in the future. A mail-out was designed to send a Wasp Dome trap to so some of the major organisations and retailers using or selling pest control.


The resulting product was a special package delivered to each selected store or organisation manager.
A personalised cover letter informed the recipient when and how they could use their new Wasp Dome and who their local contact was should they need further information about the products. A brochure was designed to provide information on the dome and all of its benefits. The actual Wasp Dome was enclosed in a card package designed to look like a real wasp nest, wasp stickers were used on the package and postal box to mimic the attraction of wasps to the dome in real life.


A week after sending the Wasp Dome packages out, the NoPests® team were inundated with calls from recipients enquiring about the trap. To take advantage of their interest a product sample was sent to these customers to use in their Wasp Dome along with a call slip to initiate further action toward supplying the traps in their stores/organisations.



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