Key Industries A&P Show Stand

Key Industries A&P Show Stand

Key Industries are suppliers to the pest control industry and a long time client of Whatever Marketing. Trade shows are a major point of exposure to new clients for Key Industries. Over the years we have developed a range of sites to attract new customers and encourage sales.


Whatever have plenty of experience in creating sites for agricultural trade shows such as A&P shows and field days. Key Industries came to us with their schedule of trade shows and asked for an easily portable, adjustable site to fit their range of shows in 2017 and beyond.

Whatever designed a marketing campaign around a visually impressive site display to hook customers after they were drawn to the site. In 2017 the three walled site was designed around the ‘Win the War on Rabbits’ campaign with Pindone sandbags, a battlefield table and the staff dressed in Pindone branded army uniforms. In 2018 the site was adjusted to fit new specifications with additional banners being added to transition into the ‘Predator Free New Zealand’ campaign.


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