August 30, 2017

Do I have a brand culture?

Of course you do, we all have it in one way or another as business entity. It happens by default, get a group of people together, have them interact with the intention of working together cooperatively; and a culture will manifest itself right in front of you eyes.

Culture in this instant is defined as society, a way of life, a lifestyle; customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways and values. Keep the group together long enough without defining who they are as the group, and it becomes a habit that then becomes the culture by default. Most business leaders today have a vision of who they are as a service provider, a manufacturer, a retailer and what they are delivering to their respective markets. Normally this constitutes faster service, lower prices, greater products and better “Brands” than the other guy, and then have staff to make, build or conduct the business of selling, revenue gathering etc.

So what does culture have to do with brand? Simply put, people make brands work. The culture or atmosphere of a business can influence success or failure at so many levels. Cooperation, productivity, harmony and relationships play a major part in achieving business goals. As already stated, people working together will default to a cultural pattern whether its defined or not. Brand culture is something that can be created and shared so “all” concerned understandthe customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores and values of the business and its goals.

There is a great quote that captures the essence of what it is to NOT have a planned brand culture. “I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE SOMEONE, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE SPECIFIC…”

Do you have a brand culture, yes! Do you have one that adds value to your endeavors?
That’s up to you.